How Much Should You Invest in Real Estate?

Look to the Wealthy for Clues

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Why Real Estate in the First Place?

Many high-net worth investors and financial experts consider real estate to be the ideal investment — specifically commercial multifamily real estate. One such investor even wrote a book detailing why and went as far as entitling it The Perfect Investment[1]. Similarly, a new study found housing has been the world’s best investment for the last 150 years.

A Wide Variety of Opinions

I have found that there is no set answer the question of how much commercial real estate investors should hold and that the advice you get on this will often depend upon who you ask. So let’s start with some actual data.

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Real Estate now accounts for 28% of high-net-worth investor’s holdings

“Stocks will bring you highs, but periodically will seriously let you down. Treasury bonds will keep you safe, but they won’t make you rich. Housing? That’s the best of both worlds.” — Quartz’ Dan Kopf

If you’d like to hear more about my thoughts on this subject or learn more about OpenPath and our approach to social impac real estate investing I’m happy to discuss.

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