A Simple Plan for Creating Wealth

Retirement planning is broken. Here’s a better path.

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How to Get Started; A Simple Example

What changes can you make in the way you invest now that will great the biggest impact on your financial future? The first thing you can do is to commit to diversifying your financial holdings away from the low-to-no returns of bonds and away from the risk and uncertainty of equities (especially if this is concentrated in one sector like tech). Make a plan to build a portfolio of passive income producing investments in multifamily real estate. You can do this with an investment firm like OpenPath or other similar companies — just make sure you work with a reputable partner.

In a relatively short period of 6–10 years you would have met and then greatly exceeded your annual income needs via passive investments in multifamily real estate.

The key is getting started sooner than later and allowing the gains to work in your favor. Of course, you don’t need to commit to $250K/offering. The point is to begin reallocating your assets now at whatever level makes sense for you based on your situation and goals and committing to building a multifamily real estate portfolio over the next few years. In a relatively short time you will be duly rewarded and even surprised by the level of financial security your portfolio now provides.

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